Your story: The Dreamcatcher



Each piece of ol & co holds a story inspired by you, capturing elements of individuality and symbolic meaning. Our first piece was formed by Rachel who contacted us through our ‘tell us your story’ page. Capturing moving elements from Rachel’s story we created our original Dream Catcher collection.


When around 12 years old Rachel’s dad brought her a dream catcher from Peru, enchanted by its history and origin it stayed with her through the years. Captivated by the symbol she collected jewellery, art prints and even a tattoo that paid homage to that very same piece. The only thing missing was a necklace. As her favourite daily essential she wished she could find the perfect dream catcher piece to fit with her truly individual collection. Unforgettable memories and symbolic meaning forged this delicate necklace


Rachel is now the proud owner of the dreamcatcher necklace, earrings and bangle.